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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Never Enough Space

My friend, D, collects Star Trek memorabilia. Anything Star Trek related he has to have. He actually has an entire room of his house completely dedicated to Star Trek - but his collection outgrew the room and is gradually taking over other areas of the house. Every birthday and Christmas D receives an avalanche of Star Trek merchandise, and he buys more throughout the year. He absolutely refuses to discard anything. If it's Star Trek, it's sacred.

"You'll just have to expand the Star Trek room!" one of D's friends said.
"Maybe I'll just take over a neighbor's house and fill it with Star Trek!" he joked.

That's when I realized: D and his wife will never, ever have a big enough house. Even if they expanded the Star Trek room to quadruple it's current size, it would quickly fill up.

To me it seems like a sad cycle to be stuck in; being eternally dissatisfied with the state and size of your home, but being unable to part with anything, and always wanting more.

But D insists that his stuff makes him happy. I wonder if it really does.

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