About Me

I'm a newbie minimalist who loves art, design, fashion and shopping. On my blog I journal my efforts to break away from consumerism and into contentment while still being me.

About the Girl

I am comprised of two conflicting desires:

First of all, I love fashion, interior design, art, decorating and shopping. I love pretty things.

Secondly, I have a desire to live lightly, simply, with a minimum of possessions. I want to be able to move easily and pack my things quickly and painlessly.

It's a problem.

Recently my husband and I moved from a large apartment into a single bedroom, forcing us to minimize our possessions, and for me to confront my shopping habit. After reading about minimalism in books and blogs, I've decided to pursue a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism simply means living only with what you need and love - whatever that means to you. It's about rejecting our culture's message of buy and keep, buy and keep, buy and keep, and instead learning to say "no thanks, I don't need it. I have enough."

I've become completely obsessed with minimalism. It is freeing. It is peaceful. But boy do I miss my shopping.

This blog is a journal of my efforts to move out of consumerism and into contentment.