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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How moving into a dorm changed my view of stuff

I was a bit of an isolated kid in high school. My bedroom was my sanctuary, where I collected a lot of sentimental items, decorative items, and hobbies to keep myself entertained. They comforted me when I felt lonely.

When I moved into my first college dorm room, I brought boxes and boxes of stuff with me. Things like childhood books and momentos; I don't remember exactly what, just that it was a lot.

Those first few weeks of college were totally exhilarating. I quickly made friends and thoroughly enjoyed my newfound independence. I soon realized that I didn't need as many hobbies and books as I did before. I didn't need to surround myself with so many sentimental items, because my present was full of new friendships and memories and adventures. On my first trip back to my parents' house, I returned a lot of stuff right back to my childhood bedroom.

And on the next trip.

And on the next trip, until I probably returned over half of what I had originally brought with me.

I learned a few things from this experience:
  1. Whenever I focus on the present and the future, I find it easier to let go of things.
  2. If I'm feeling happy and confident in my relationships, I find it easier to let go of things.
  3. I never need as much as I think I'm going to need.
Does anyone else feel an inverse connection between healthy relationships and the need to keep things?

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  1. Wonderful observation! When I have healthy relationships, I focused less on "stuff" for I am secure in my inner self, therefore more content.


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