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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learning to Think in Multiple Dimensions

Most of us, when we see something in the store, our default is to only ask one question:
  1. Do I want it?
For other people, their one question is:
  1. Is it cheap? (Or on sale, or a "good deal")
Ever look around your house and think, "where did all this stuff come from?" This is how it happens, because we're only thinking in one dimension when we shop. Becoming minimalist is learning to view things from multiple dimensions. When shopping, ask yourself:
  1. Do I have space for it in my house?
  2. Do I have one already, or something similar?
  3. Can I make this or something similar from what I already own?
  4. How often am I likely to use this?
  5. Is it difficult to clean or upkeep? (Has multiple small parts, needs to be dry-cleaned)
  6. Is it heavy or bulky? (Important if you plan on moving often, like me)
  7. Has a family member asked me to stop buying things like this?
Answering these questions honestly - and placing a product back on the shelf - is one of the most difficult parts of becoming minimalist. Advertisements and shiny packaging are designed to create so much desire that they totally override this questioning process. But once you become aware of this, I've found that asking these questions get easier over time, like strengthening a muscle.

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