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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Confessions of a minimalist

When my husband and I moved over six weeks ago, my attitude towards stuff radically changed, and I realized that I had far, far more than I wanted or needed. I started learning about minimalism and started this blog.

One struggle I have been having is learning to live with friends and family who are...um...not minimalist. In fact, the family members we're living with now are the most materialistic people I have ever met - shopping constantly and keeping everything. When they run out of room in their house, they take the things they don't want and put them in a storage unit. It's the opposite of everything I'm striving for in my own life.

My attitude towards others tends to swing between self-righteousness and envy. Self-righteousness as I think, "thank God I'm not as shallow and worldly as they are," and envy when I see the pretty new things they bought, wishing I could have new things too. Hypocritical? Absolutely. I'm just being honest with you guys.

I know the answer, of course, is to simply accept people for who they are, and remind myself of all the reasons why I've chosen to live with less. It's just easier said than done.

Has anyone else struggled with this?

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