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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The one where I don't buy anything

I went shopping today, just for fun, for the first time in a month. My sister-in-law and two of her friends invited me to go to an antique shop with them. I enjoy looking at antiques, but generally don't feel a need to buy them, so I figured it would be "safe" for the recovering consumerist that I am.

And indeed, the antiques were mildly interesting but I lost interest about 40 minutes before the other girls did. I did find something really cool - an antique Turkish rug in pristine condition, with a bright pink pattern on it. Immediately I envisioned it in my future minimalist home - the fresh colors contrasting with the pure white walls and shining hardwood floors. It would really pop in a totally awesome way.

But I don't have that chic, modern home, and possibly never will. That's something I came to grips with in my last move. I realized that I had been keeping all sorts of stuff with which to decorate my future home - vases, decorative pillows and picture frames. But my husband and I are probably several years from owning a home, and until then we plan to live a semi-nomadic existence.

So I decided not to weigh down my present with items for the future.

Besides, the rug was $400. So....yeah.


  1. I like antique shops too but not for too long. It's cool for a while then the yawns start setting in. Congrats on the self-control & not buying anything. Sometimes it can be hard but then sometimes its easy- especially when the items have a $400 price tag!

    1. Haha, thanks Emily! I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't thrilled by antique shopping. :)


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