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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Girl Becomes a Minimalist

Last month my husband and I moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a single bedroom. Not a single-bedroom apartment, a single bedroom.

And thus, a minimalist was born.

Sort of. Not quite. See, for the last two years I've been really into decluttering. I made many trips to the donation stations of Goodwill and Salvation Army. I threw away bags of stuff. I sold things on Amazon and Craigslist. Our apartment was fairly tidy.

And yet, when we moved, we packed all our stuff into a 14" moving van and I was dismayed by how much we still had. "How can we have this much stuff?!" I groaned as I looked at the towers of boxes. "I got rid of so much!"

That's when I realized that "decluttering" wasn't enough. At least not the kind of decluttering we read about in Oprah magazine or something. I needed a whole new mindset towards things, stuff and shopping.

And that's when a minimalist was born.

I'm going to record my thoughts about minimalism, consumerism, decluttering on this blog. Join me!

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