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Monday, October 14, 2013

One Month Without Shopping

So it's been one month since my husband and I moved from our spacious two-bedroom apartment into a single room. During that time I have not done any shopping, except for groceries, a single e-book, and a few other necessities. Nothing "fun," like clothes or makeup or chai tea lattes. I have not visited any of my favorite clothing websites or fashion blogs.

I have thought about shopping every. Single. Day. In fact, I've thought to myself that I should buy myself something nice to celebrate this one-month anniversary.

When will the consumer cravings subside?!?

But here's something that keeps me going: I am saving up my monies to take my friends out to a nice lunch. I've often wanted to treat my friends, but I never did because I had spent my money on things for myself. At the time I felt vaguely guilty about it, but not until now have I really realized how selfish I was.

I guess it's impossible to be generous when you're greedy.


  1. Experiences, such as your lunch out with friends, trump new objects, every single time. you get to connect with others and have a great time too. plus, you probably won't get the buyers-remorse afterward!

    some great posts here, reading my way through!

    1. True, buying time with friends leaves a more lasting happiness than buying a new object. Thanks for reading my blog and for leaving comments, I appreciate it!


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